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Operation Instruction of TC421 and differnece between TC420 &TC421
Release time :2017-10-12
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Operation Instruction of TC421:

1. Connect to your computer by USB, then programme and download the software on the computer.

 a. Install the program software on the computer, LEDcontrol V2.1.

 b. Power on TC421, and then connect to USB port of your computer via USB cable. //If it is the first time to connect to this computer, it will pop-up the driver installation window automatically, and then you can continue after the installation finishes.

 c. Open LEDcontrol V2.1 software, and click the Time Sync button, confirm that TC421 is connected to the computer properly. If it connects successfully, TC421 will beep one time, and the software will prompt that the time sync is successful too. //If it is the first time to connect to this computer, please click as follow: Control->Search USB Device, and please click YES to continue if it pop up the following window, and then choose one option from the drop-down list, after that, click the Time Sync button. At this time, if TC421 beeps once, it means that you have gotten  the right choose, we usually choose the last option.

  d. Add a new documentand the new mode, and then you can set time and the effects you want. you can press

the SAVE button to save the document which you have edited, or click the import button to import the

edited document. After that, you can choose quick play button or download button to download it, meanwhile

the software interface will show progress tip on the bottom right corner. Once you finish all successful tips, please check whether TC421 download the mode files you edited correctly.

Note:Before you connect TC421 to your computer via USB, please power on TC421 first, and then connect to USB cable.

2. Connect to your smartphone @ AP mode, program  and download .

 a. Install the program APP on your phone, SmartTimer

 b. Power on TC421, and find SSID of SmartTime-xxxxxx from the WIFI setting on your phone,  click it to connect.

//The factory default of TC421 is AP mode, if you cant search the SSID of SmartTime-xxxxxx, please wait for a moment or restart TC421, or long press MENU key to reset AP mode.

 c. Open APP, click Search button on the right up corner, to add device. When connected successfully, the home

page will show the icon and name of TC421, and you can click the icon to rename it, change the icon, synchronize time, clear mode or set to connect to the router. // When click the clear mode, it will clear out all the modes TC421 has download, including factory default mode, and it will display NULL .

 d. Click the bottom right down to program, in this interface, you can add modes, rename mode, change icon

for modes and preview the mode. After you finish editing, click the download button to download it to TC421.

// Note: all the modes in the listing will be downloaded to TC421 at the same time. If there is some modes you dont need, please clear it out before downloading.

Note: You can rename TC421 which has been connected in your phone software, but the changed name will not display on other phones which this TC421 is connected to.

3. Connect to your smartphone @ routing mode (STA), program and download .

 a. When TC421 has connected to your phone in the AP mode, please enter SSID, password, encrypt-type and encrypt-method of your home router in the setting interface. If there is not password, please click this button beside the SSID input box. And then click join router, at this time, TC421 will beep one time, and the screen display Set:station.... // For SSID, please pay attention to distinguish the capital and lowercase, even the symbol. If you do not know the encrypt-type and encrypt-method, you can try to choose WPA-PAK/WPA2-PSK and AES.

 b. Switch the WIFI network of your phone to home network, open SmartTimer APP again, and click the Search button on the right up corner. If connected successfully, TC421 will beep twice, and display on the software. // If it fails to connect, please check your home network information and confirm whether it is correct or not. If yes, please repeat the above steps b.

 c. After that, you can continue to operate it reference like AP mode.

Note: If TC421 is connected to the home network successfully, you can click the Search button of the software interface on others phones which are also connected to this home network, and then you can find out TC421.

4. Connect to your computer via wifi, programming and download on the computer.

 a. When TC421 is connected to home WIFI network, open the ledcontrol V2.1 software. // Please confirm the computer and this TC421 are connected to the same home network.

 b. Please click as follow: Control-> Search Network Device, and click Search on the pop-up window. After search successfully, the listing will show TC421 which has been connected to this network., and then click TC421 which you want to program, after that, click OK.

 c. You can continue following the steps of the program and download like connects to computer via USB.

Note: If you want to program and download by connecting router to your computer, you need to set your home WIFI information in the AP mode on your phone. After TC421 successfully is connected to home WIFI, you can operate it on your computer.

The difference between TC420 and TC421

1. Time period: TC420 can set time point per minutes, TC421 is 30 minutes as a time point, can set freely, but can not change.

2. Programme software: TC420 only has the software of PC version, and only can edit by USB connecting to the computer. TC421 has the software of PC version and the Android version. It can not only edit by USB connecting to the computer, but also by WIFI network connecting to computer and phone.